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Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

All giraffes have different kinds of patterns on their coats. Some can be blotchy and some can be big. Giraffes are the tallest animals on earth. They can reach up to 20 feet tall. Giraffes use their height to graze on acacia thorns. They can let out their long, curly tongues to reach even higher branches and bring them down to their mouth.

18 January 2012


Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

The smallest penguin is the fairy penguin. The fairy penguin is only 16 inches tall, while the emperor penguin can reach to four feet tall. Emperor penguins put their eggs on the male’s feet to keep the egg warm. Can you imagine living on your daddy’s feet for a couple of weeks?

Penguins are the best swimming birds. Penguins use their flippers as fins and their feet and tail steer them. Penguins hunt fish and a kind of shrimp called krill.

11 January 2012


Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Tarantulas, unlike most spiders, kill their prey by ambushing it. Tarantulas only bite humans in defense. Some tarantulas can be kept as pets. Tarantulas are especially relaxed after they have eaten.

2 January 2012


We got to see an actual tarantula at the Natural History Museum in Washington, DC on 15 January 2012.

Do All Spiders Spin Webs by Melvin and Gilda Berger


Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Meerkats are really mongooses. They eat insects and plant roots. Meercat is short for marsh cat but they don’t live in marshes. Meerkats aren’t cats.

5 December 2011

Meerkat family

Starfish Craft

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Thanks to No Time For Flash Cards for the idea!

rolling paint
bubble wrap makes the dots

28 November 2011

Starfish and Coral Reef

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Starfish eat shellfish. When it finds a mussel it cracks its shell with its tube feet. Then, it pushes its stomach out of its mouth on top of the shellfish.

Starfish eat an animal called coral, which is a little sad for the coral reef is full of interesting things. The coral reef has very many things in it, including the giant clam.

Starfish don’t have a brain. Starfish, even though their name has “fish” in it, aren’t fish!

28 November 2011

Deep-sea Fish

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Down at the bottom of the sea it is dark and food is very scarce. That is why there aren’t just ordinary fish down at the bottom of the sea. These special fishes that live at the bottom of the sea have huge gaping jaws and stretchy stomachs.

The female anglerfish has a fin coming off the place of her face where a fish would have a nose if fishes did have noses. At the end of the long hook-like fin there is a light to attract other fish into her jaws. The male anglerfish doesn’t have any light and he bites the female anglerfish and eats her blood.

The dragonfish has eyes even though they can’t see in the dark. This is how they find food: they wave their long feelers through the water.

14 November 2011

Sam's diagram of a fish

Goldfish and Carp

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Carp are found in North America, Asia and Europe. They usually have plainer coloring than goldfish, which can be a range of gold to orange.

Goldfish can survive in outside ponds and lakes, or inside a tank.

Carp are usually larger than goldfish. Here is an easy craft to take care of a goldfish: you need water plants to give the fish oxygen, a tank with clean gravel, a few large objects. You will need to feed them daily. And you must be sure to clean their tank twice a week or more.

7 November 2011


Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

In the summer, American black bears eat salmon, berries and honey in order to survive their long hibernation.

The Kodiak bear of Alaska weighs almost 1800 pounds. And when it stands up it can be 13 feet tall.

There are four different kinds of bears: brown bear, polar bear, black bear and the Kodiak bear.

Bears have very sharp claws and a very good sense of smell.

2 November 2011

Observation: Caterpillar

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

One evening me and my mommy were outside picking basil. We saw a little caterpillar on a leaf. Mommy tried to pick it up, but instead pulled its fur off. Then Mommy picked off the whole leaf. I took the leaf and put it down on our porch. I picked some leaves and put them all around the caterpillar. Right before dinner I read the caterpillar a book. Even closer to dinner I saw that she wasn’t there!

The next day, Mommy said, “Look! There she is.” I ran outside and said welcome back to the caterpillar. Then Mommy looked up how to make a home for the caterpillar. The home is half of a milk jug and we put a bit of dirt in it, two twigs, some grass and a little food bowl. In the food bowl is some water to keep the plants refreshed, cotton balls so the caterpillar won’t drown, and we knew the caterpillar liked basil, so we put basil and pepper leaves as its food.

Right now the caterpillar is taking a nap on one of its food leaves.

12:43PM Sleep

25 October 2011