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Pen Friend

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Sam got a story in the mail from her friend Esme in the UK. She wants to send Esme a story in return, but she says it’s not finished. Instead she wrote this letter (which I still need to post!)

Letter to Esme

11 September 2012

Grocery List

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Grocery List

Sam was pretty taken with the Amish Cookbook for kids that Pop-Pop brought her from Lancaster. Shortly thereafter, this shopping list appeared on the fridge.

Catch That Martha: a sequel to The Secret Key (5 March 2012)

Monday, August 6th, 2012

One day someone dressed in black and yellow leather came running down Cantin Street.

“Grand Poppy,” asked Martha, “Do you know who that guy is?”

“No, I don’t know, Martha Nell,” Grand Poppy answered.

“Shall we see who that girl or boy is, Grand Poppy?” asked Martha. “Yay whoopy! hurray,” shouted Grand Poppy. “I love adventures. Lets go right now!”

And off he ran with Martha close on his heels. They turned on to Barnen Road where Bob, their buddy sat chopping wood.

“Hello, Bob,” Grand Poppy called.

“Hello, Grand Poppy and Martha,” Bob called back.

“Sorry, Bob, we have to go,” said Grand Poppy.

And off he went with Martha running beside him. They ran down Quacker Street and up Mowheep until they got to the Haunting Wood. The guy dressed in black and yellow leather was running into the wood.

“That guy must be blind or he would not go in that dark, cold wood where there are human bones and dog blood,” whispered Martha.

“Shall we keep following that guy in the black and yellow leather?” asked Grand Poppy. “Well,” he said, “We could each go different ways and see which is the best way around the wood.”

“OK!” said Martha and ran onto a path of dirt and mud. “It’s good I took my hiking boots,” said Martha as she panted up the trail.

The guy dressed in black and leather yellow was really Martha’s mother, Mrs Ceny. Mrs Ceny did not see Martha and Grand Poppy running onto the paths to find the best way around the wood. Martha ran up a steep hillside to a small clearing at the edge of the wood. Grand Poppy was nowhere in sight.
Martha sat down on a log at the side of the clearing. White clouds of smoke rose somewhere near.
Martha knew what that meant–a fire!

Martha ran and ran and ran. Out of the bushes came five black bears. Meanwhile Grand Poppy was looking for Martha at the side of a trail called the Con-Berry-Coco.

“Oh if I had only said no when Martha asked if we should follow that guy who ran down Cantin Street,” Grand Poppy sobbed. “I know Martha is just dust.”

Chapter 2
The Balloon Bunch

In which Martha finds a balloon seller, buys a balloon and flies to the city of Creem.

As the bears came closer and closer to Martha, a big fat boy holding a bunch of balloons came out of the wood. He took one look at Martha and said, “Hey, young lady, my name is Sunday. Have one of these
balloons for one of those bears.”

“Sure,” said Martha and took a nice green balloon out of Sunday’s hand.
Sunday began to sing “Fly, fly green up the sky. Night is far fly.”
And slowly getting higher every second the balloon with Martha hanging on was off. They went flying over odd buildings with windows long and thin and doors that were on the roof.

Sometimes an airplane or two would come wizzing by, dumping candy corn and lolly-pops in fresh suger snow. Now and then there would be a rain of cakes to go with the candy corn and lolly-pops. As it got darker and darker the balloon that Martha was hanging from began to lose height, until it was lying on the ground in the suger snow.

Meanwhile Grand Poppy, who was still at the Con -berry-coco was trying to find his way to a small building, which gave out cocoa and cake.

“Oh, if only Martha were here,” Grand Poppy said. “For she was the one who found the key when we went to that nice little place in the ocean.

Martha stood up from where she had been lying next to the balloon. Nine elves stood around her. They all had short red hair and they were wearing black boots, blue jeans and white t-shirts turned brown by mud.

“You must see the Queen before you enter.”

Chapter 3

In which Martha meets a bad queen, sees a ghost, and goes underground.

Martha was a little cross with the elf for it had said, “You must see the queen before you enter.”

“Well,” said Martha, “They must work for this queen and queens get they want.”

So Martha took a small path. On the side of the path there was a sign which said, “To the queen.”
As Martha ran along the path the trees grew darker and darker.

Martha said, “Do I hear hooooooooo-woooooooo-coooooooo–moooooooooo?”

Before Martha could answer herself, a huge white figure rose up from behind a tree. It had small black eyes and a huge jaw. Martha froze at the sight of it and inch by inch she began to move away. Suddenly a building rose up in front of Martha. It had smooth white walls and the door was black as night.

“Well,” said Martha, “I am very woozy. I’ll go in and have a drink.”

So she pushed open the door and ran into the house.

“Who are you?”

Martha turned around to find a tall thin women behind her.

“I am Martha Nell,” said Martha.

“Hello, Martha,”said the tall thin women. “My name is Queen Jessy.”

“Queen Jessy,” said Martha, “would you be kind enough to tell me were Grand Poppy is?”

“Grand Poppy,” Queen Jessy said, “is down on the bottom of a mine.”

“It can not be this way,” Martha shouted. Grand poppy is my only grand father.”

“Do not be so sad,” said Queen Jessy, “You can be with Grand Poppy.”

“Oh, yes, please,” said Martha.

Wish splish.

Martha opened her eyes. There was Grand poppy.

“Martha,” he gasped. “You! Here in the mine with me. Why did I not see you before?”

“Well,” said Martha, “Queen Jessy sent me here.”

“You have been with Queen Jessy,” said Grand Poppy. “She was the one who put me in this mine.”

“Why?” asked Martha.

“Well,” said Grand Poppy, “Queen Jessy hates everybody from earth.”

“Huuuuuuuuum,” said Martha, “But we are on Earth.”

“No,” said Grand Poppy, “we are not on Earth. We are on Kifiney.”

“Grand Poppy!” shouted Martha, “I am falling.”

“Don’t be silly, Martha Nell,” said Grand Poppy. “All we are doing is talking in this dry mine.”

However, Martha was right. Very soon she was no longer in the mine. She was underground.

Chapter 4

What’s Here?

In which Martha meets things from underground and falls into a well.

Martha said, “Hmmm is something crawling around me?”

“Yes,” said a little voice at Martha’s feet.

“What are you?,” said Martha

“I am a Gigfig,” said the voice at Martha’s feet.

“Well, little Gigfig,” said Martha, “would you please tell me your name?”

“Sure,” said the little Gigfig. “My name is Chef.”

“Oh,” said Martha. “That is a nice name.”

“Thank you for your ever so nice comment,” said Chef.

“I am so sorry, Chef,” said Martha, “but I must go.”

“That’s all right,” said Chef. “I have a wife and a child to look after as you see I am not a child. In fact I am 879.”

“Good, good,” said Martha, “And bye bye.”

And off she went hoping to find the way out .

Suddenly wish spish!

Martha looked up just in time to see herself falling down a path made of light. Martha sat up and rubbed her eyes. She was not falling on the light path and yet she was not at home. She was sitting at the side of a path that seemed to lead to a big city.

“Well,” said Martha, “I am hungry and I haven’t had a drink for an hour.” So Martha began to run and run and run.

“Who are you?” boomed a voice.

Martha looked up to see a huge man with muscles thick as a car.

“I am Martha Nell,” said Martha.

“I am Lick-Fick,” said the huge man with muscles thick as a car.

“Nice to meet you, Lick-Fick,” said Martha.

“Thank you, thank you, Martha” said Lick-Fick. “Do you want to go into the city?” asked Lick-Fick.

“Yes, please,” shouted Martha.

“Up you go,” shouted Lick-Fick.

And in no time at all Martha found herself climbing a high stone wall that led into the city. It was about noon when Martha reached the top of the wall.

“Now jump down,” said Lick-Fick from the other side of the wall.

“OK,” said Martha and she closed her eyes and jumped. Martha opened her eyes for women stood around her.

“Is she my silver?” asked one of the women.

“I do not think so,” said another of the women. “Your silver had blond hair, not brown.”

“True,” said the first woman.

“Who are you?” asked Martha.

“We are an expedition for a lost child,” said a woman with long black hair and a gray dress.

“Well,” said Martha, “if that is all, I will keep going my way.”

And off Martha ran. Martha stopped at about 2:30 by the side of a well. Martha hadn’t even sat down when a rumbling shook Kifiney. A cloud of dust and dirt flew above Martha knocking her down into the well. Martha gasped for breath before falling down to the bottom of the well.

“Who are you,” said a voice near Martha’s toe.

“I am Martha Nell,” said Martha.

“I am Lolly Tolly,” said the voice.

“Hello, Lolly Tolly,” said Martha.

“Is there anything you want?” asked Lolly Tolly.

“Yes,” said Martha. “I want to get out of the well.”

“OK,” said Lolly Tolly. And he slid a section of the well. “Climb in,” he said to Martha.

Martha hopped in.

“Thank you,” she said as she disappeared into the shadows.

Chapter 5

In which Martha finds something.

Martha walked and walked. Suddenly an eerie glow lit the tunnel. Martha stopped and stared. A glowing figure about the size of a chair stood in front of her.

“Hello, Martha Nell,” said the glowing figure.

“H-hello g-glowing f-figure,” said Martha, shaking with fear.

“My name is not glowing figure!” yelled the figure.

“What is your name then?” said Martha.

“My name is Scroogus.”

“Hello, Scroorgus,” said Martha, but there was no reply for Scroogus had disappeared.

So Martha ran and ran.

Bang! Martha crashed into a door. The door slid open and Martha tumbled into a dark chamber lit by a single lamp. Martha sat up stunned. Then her eyes opened for there on the wall was a sign that said,

“This is where the crystal ball of luck is hidden.”

“The cristel ball of luck!” cried Martha.

Martha began to look in every nook and cranny of the place. Unfortunately there was no crystal ball to be found. Martha sat down by one of the shelves and cried. Suddenly she felt her hand touch something hot. And in her hand was the crystal ball of luck.

“Yes,” cried Martha and she began to dance and dance.

Then Martha remembered something. “I have got to free Grand Poppy,” she said. So Martha said to the crystal ball of luck, “Give Grand Poppy food and drink and bring him to me.”

“Yes,” whispered the crystal ball of luck.

And in no time at all there was Grand Poppy at the side of the room.

“Martha Nell!” cried Grand Poppy. “Did you really find the crystal ball of luck?”

“Yes I did, Grand Poppy,” said Martha.

“Wow,” said Grand Poppy. “Now can you take us home?” he said.

“Sure,” said Martha. Then she turned to the crystal ball of luck and said, “Take us home.”

Chapter 6

In which Martha and Grand Poppy return home.

Suddenly Martha felt soft pads on her feet.

“We’re home,” she said to Grand Poppy.

“Yes we are,” he said.

That night Mrs. Ceny said to Martha, “Do you know who that person in the black and yellow leather was?”

“No I do not know,” said Martha.

“I was,” said Miss Ceny.

“Were you?” said Martha then she fell asleep.


The Trip (18 August 2011)

Monday, August 6th, 2012

the trip.

samantha fay capehart.

you may not believe it but long long ago when
egypt was still very busy uper egypt was on the
and can you believe that egyptians
made pyramids with there hans

well well lets get ON WITH OUR

once upon a time there a little girl and here name
was leana. leana was sad
because she did not have a
thing to do but one day leana
went out of the hous her and
her mom and dad lived by
the docks.and one day
leana went out and
went across the street to
the docks. she saw ship.

leana said to her self i need
to get on that ship she said.
so leana went on the ship.
and she olso met a girl
and that girls name was
rleana.rleana and leana
hid on the ship.but one day
uh _oh cook heard
them. what can we do? said
leana.oh my godnees said
rleana.yes said leana?
we can fly.

2 flyt
fly said leana yes said
rleana.but how said
leana.look said rleana.
leana looked.great she
said.yes said rleana but
come on she said.
so thay ran to
the wings quik? said rleana fly
said leana.
so thay rose in to
the sky. look
at this said leana.
uh oh said rleana.
yes? said leana
come on said rleana
oh yes.hello said
a man. hello said
leana. sh said rleana.
why said leana.
sudanly the man
said you to look tiered?.
yes we are. said leana.well well
said the man i have a very
niec hous. and you can come in it.
so thay went down rock st.
sudnly thay were trned.
here we are said the man.

stop! said rleana.but leana
wasent listening. sudunly
boom thay landad on a dap
floor. leana and rleana looked up
and there next to them two
boys sat. hello said one my
name is jim and this is my
borather dim.hello said
rleana& leana. look
said jim. evryone looked&
there was a siyn . &
it sais
danger tricker

sudenly a hole was
on the floor and leana

fell.she went in to the

air.sudenly boom
leana landed in
here bed at home.

the end

Moonlight Sunset (9 November 2011)

Monday, August 6th, 2012

It is evening
The sun is setting
It is a beautiful sight
The sky is full
Of purples and blues and reds
The moon is coming up
Through a small crack in the mountain above the sea
The birds are all saying goodnight
Cheep, cheep, cheep
The lights in the houses are turning off
All is silent

Then in a little while
The sun is up
It is a bright and beautiful day
The sun is shining
The grass is green
The flowers are purple and yellow
I slipped outside
And sat in the beautiful grass.

9 November 2011

At the Shack (14 December 2011)

Monday, August 6th, 2012

the wind blows across the trees
in the early light of morning.
the shack’s silver roof gleems
under the blanket of dew.

The Secret Key (17 December 2011)

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Once upon a time a girl named Martha Nell lived in Brighthon in a small house near the sea.
On Martha’s 9th birthday her mother and Grand poppy were siting on the sofa telling Martha about the trolls and other monsters that were atacking the world.
Martha felt sory for the people very near the the trolls and monsters and she said to Grand Poppy, “Can you and I go and help the world get beter?”
“Maybe if you help me pack up, Martha Nell. What day shall we leave the house?”
“Tuseday,” said Martha.
“Then we beter get packing because we have a long way to go and lots of bad things to pass,” said Grand Poppy.
“Yes,” said Martha, “Let’s do it.”
“What will you too eat on the way?” asked Martha’s mother.
“Let’s not wory about food,” said Martha. “Grand Poppy always has an idea.”
“Well, Martha Nell, you are right. Now let’s get packing,” said Grand Poppy. “Follow me into my room.”
“Ok,” said Martha as Grand Poppy turned into a small woodin door or at least it looked like wood. Martha couldint be shore.
On the other side of the door there was a huge shoe on wheeles. To Martha it looked like it was 267 pounds. Grand Poppy skiped over to a shelf full of big, felt bags with pillows on top. Then he opened a hacth in the back of the huge shoe and put all the felt bags in the hatch and some big metal balls with small doors. Then Grand Poppy hopped into the big shoe.
“Come in, Martha Nell,” he called out.
Martha hopped in and then a big roof came over the the huge shoe. Then Grand Poppy pressed a small red key and slowly the huge shoe began to move toured the door. CRASH! The huge shoe had gone into the door, then CRASH! Again this time the huge shoe had gone into the front door. When thay were in the open, the shoe began to go faster then SPLASH! The shoe had gone in the
sea. The shoe began to sink.
Just then a dolphin came up throgh the water.
“Why are you here, land blubers, and not with those things, what are they? Oh yes, nem.”
“Grand Poppy, can you help with that bad dolphin?” asked Martha.
“Of course I can, Martha Nell.” And he pulled out two life jackets and two floaty beds from underneth Martha’s seat. Martha and Grand Poppy quickly sliped on the life jackets. Then Grand Poppy jumped into the sea and called out, “Martha Nell, drop those floaty beds in the water befor you get in.”
“Ok,” said Martha over the side of the shoe. Then SPLASH again.
Now the floaty beds were in the water.
“Now come in your self,” called Grand Poppy.
A second later Martha was in the water. Grand Poppy looked up at the sky it was sunset. Just then Martha saw a tint of gold in the water. At first Martha thought it was just the reflection of the sun set in the water. Even as the sun set turned in to night the tint of gold still remained in the water. Finely Martha reched out her hand and pulled at the gold. Very soon the gold was in Martha’s hand. It was key.
“Grand Poppy,” gasped Martha, her hart beating faster then ever, “Ware can we put this key for it must be valuable?”
“Don’t you wory, Martha Nell, you just wach me,” said Grand Poppy. And sudenly one of the floaty beds grew a high wood wall. And a sheet covered the bed. Then a little teddy bear came up from under the sheet. Grand Poppy unzipped a zipper on the teddy bear’s chest.
“Here, Matha Nell,” called Grand Poppy, “You can put your key in here.”
“Ok,” Martha called back. She droped the key in the teddy bear’s zipper.
“It’s time for bed now,” said Grand Poppy. “Look the moon is up.”
“Yes,” said Martha, swiming over to a floaty bed.
“Well, night night,” said Grand Poppy climing onto the other floaty bed.
“Night night,” whispered Martha. And she fell asleep.
Martha opened her eyes to a dark windy day. It smelled of mist and she could hear clangs and bangs up the shore. Grand Poppy was already awake. He was using his arms to push the floaty beds to the shore.
“Grand Poppy,” said Martha, “Let’s not go near that shore. It sounds bad.”
“Yes it dose, Martha Nell, remember how I told you that we would have to pass lots of bad things? Well this is one of them.”
Befor Martha could speeck a loud cry was sudenly heard.
Then a women in a fluttering black dress came runing down the sand followed by bogs and sesscooteries and sineps and wort gogs, all crying “Yasses, fooogoo, senpess, venblood, denkess, hufen!”
“What are thay doing, Grand Poppy?” asked Martha.
“I don’t now, Martha Nell,” said Grand Poppy.
Befor Martha and Grand Poppy could see, 9 sesscooteries and 56 sineps were pushing the floaty beds even closer to the shore. Then a huge monster made out of wart gogs and bogs came stomping down the shore. Sudenly another loud cry was heard.
And all the monsters lined up and began to slowly stomp in a pattern Martha had never heard befor.
And all the monsters came closer and closer to Martha and Grand Poppy, still going bon bin dim.
Sudenly it began to rain and rain and rain.
“Look look!” Grand Poppy cryed, “There is a cave down near the bottum of the ocen.”
“Yes,” said Martha.
“Follow me,” said Grand Poppy, and he jumped and swam toward the cave.
Poor Martha, what could she do? She was scared to follow Grand Poppy and if she did’nt the monsters would be after her and she did not want to be a lung sandwich. So she jumped in after Grand Poppy. When she reached him she saw that he was looking at a key hole in the side of the cave.
“Martha Nell,” he whispered, “Your key you found yesterday, it might fit this hole.”
“Shall I go up and get the key?” asked Martha.
“Yes,” wispered Grand Poppy.
“Ok,” Martha wispered back.
In a flash she was back with the key. Grand Poppy took it from her and put it in the key hole. Slowly the door behind the key hole began to open. On the other side there were millons of twisting paths. On one side there was yet another door with a key hole. However this door was not the same as the other door. It had pictures of koons and neninsepeps and mulins.
“Let’s try your key in this door too,” said Grand Poppy. “For when I was little some one said to me there is only one key in the land of Chaba. And I think we are in Chaba.
“Oh,” said Martha, “Well of course we can try,” she said.
“Yes, yes, yes,” said Grand Poppy. And in a secound the door was open.
Inside there was yellow paper shaped to look like lighting. There were drums for thunder and a bucket of water to splash over the earth for rain. On one side of the room there was a nice little bed.
“This is a perfect house,” said Martha.
“I think so to,” said Grand Poppy.


Oak Leaf Magazine

Monday, August 6th, 2012

While we were unpacking and settling into the new house, Sam wrote a magazine. The articles feature stories from our daily lives, as well as a restaurant review.

Corn Kernel
Japanese restaurant
Social security
holy moly

July 2012

Sam’s Science Magazine

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Topics include global warming, animals and plants.

Highlights: “If there were no animals the balance of nature would be lopsided.”


“Plants do a process called photosynthesis. This process releases oxygen into the air so we can breathe, then we exhale carbon dioxide for the plants to breathe. That is our way of saying thank you to the plants.”

Science mag
page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5
page 6
page 7
page 8
page 9

June 2012

Oak Leaf Craft Magazine

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Oak Leaf Craft Mag

Oak leaf hat





9 July 2012