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Story of the World: What is History?

This spring we started doing history with Sam, following the sequence of the Trivium.  First up is the Ancient World.  We’re using Susan Wise Bauer’s THE STORY OF THE WORLD as the spine of our studies, and supplementing that with books from the library, craft projects, spontaneous activities, and the occasional video.  It’s fun and easy. SOTW reads exactly like it sounds: a story, and boy does Sam love a good story.

After I read her a chapter segment I ask her to say what was the most interesting thing about it.  She’ll tell me and I’ll write it down.  Sometimes she draws while I read to her.

Interesting thing about “What is History?”

The king ordering someone to write down his history.

“What is archaeology?”

The man knew that the wheat didn’t have enough rain.

6 April 2011



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