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King Tut

King Tut became pharaoh when he was only 7. But yet he died when he was only 18. The Egyptian people didn’t bury Tut in a pyramid, for tomb robbers would get him. So they put him in one of their secret and favorite places, which is now called the Valley of the Kings.

It was a man, Howard Carter, who first discovered Tut’s tomb. He was moving some stone in the Valley of the Kings and he came upon a step. He called one of his workers and together they found more steps. Finally they found Tut’s tomb. And some people think there was a curse on Tut’s tomb because 7 days after the tomb had been discovered, Howard Carter’s helper died. And Carter’s pet canary was swallowed by a cobra that very same day!

SOTW, Chapter 13
8 November 2011

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