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The Great Wall of China

Shi Huangdi, which was Qin Zheng changed his name to, means “first emperor.” After he stamped out the rebellion in China, he began to worry about barbarians outside China, called Mongols. The people built small walls, but the small walls crumbled easily and the people were left with small, crumbly walls, and big gaps. Then, Shi Huangdi had an idea, “Maybe I can build a wall all along the north side of China.” He called all his engineers and builders and said, “Build a wall all along the north side.”

“But there is not enough stone,” they protested.

“Then find another way to build it,” Shi Huangdi ordered.

After a couple of weeks, the builders had an inspiration: they packed a wooden frame with dirt and discovered they could make dirt as sturdy as stone.

SOTW, Chapter 32
29 May 2012

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