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Experiment: What’s that Object?

1. What Did We Use?

We used balls, apple, lime and a shell. We also used a hat, a book, a pencil and a bandana. Also thick and thin gloves.

2. What Did We Do?

We put the things on a tray and put the bandana around Mom’s head so she couldn’t see. She tried to feel the stuff on the tray, and see if she could tell. We also tried with gloves–really thick ones. Then we tried with thinner gloves.

3. What happened?

Mom did very good. She mostly got them all right, but some wrong with the thick gloves. She thought they were all balls. With the thin gloves, however, she did better.

4. What did we learn?

We learned that feeling is much better at telling you what you’re touching than you think.

We then repeated the experiment with Dad:
Touch experiment 1
Touch experiment 2
Touch experiment 3

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