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Songs My Parents Made Up for me

My parents are cute. They made up songs for me. My mom’s flows better, and is kind of funny. My dad’s is goofy, but he tries.

The Burpy Song

Burpy, burpy, burpy
Singing the burpy song
Burpy, burpy, burpy
Gotta move that bubble along
Burpy, burpy, burpy
There’s nothing wrong
With letting rip a great big burp
During the burpy song
(repeat as necessary)

S is for Samantha

Samantha, Samantha
You’re my darling Samantha
S is for Samantha
A is for AC, he’s your dadddy
M is for Mommy who loves you very much
A is for Altoona which is where you live
N is for newborn which is what you are
T is for the teeth you don’t even have yet
H is for the hearts you stole from your parents, and
A is for always which is how long we’ll love you.

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