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The Trip (18 August 2011)

the trip.

samantha fay capehart.

you may not believe it but long long ago when
egypt was still very busy uper egypt was on the
and can you believe that egyptians
made pyramids with there hans

well well lets get ON WITH OUR

once upon a time there a little girl and here name
was leana. leana was sad
because she did not have a
thing to do but one day leana
went out of the hous her and
her mom and dad lived by
the docks.and one day
leana went out and
went across the street to
the docks. she saw ship.

leana said to her self i need
to get on that ship she said.
so leana went on the ship.
and she olso met a girl
and that girls name was
rleana.rleana and leana
hid on the ship.but one day
uh _oh cook heard
them. what can we do? said
leana.oh my godnees said
rleana.yes said leana?
we can fly.

2 flyt
fly said leana yes said
rleana.but how said
leana.look said rleana.
leana looked.great she
said.yes said rleana but
come on she said.
so thay ran to
the wings quik? said rleana fly
said leana.
so thay rose in to
the sky. look
at this said leana.
uh oh said rleana.
yes? said leana
come on said rleana
oh yes.hello said
a man. hello said
leana. sh said rleana.
why said leana.
sudanly the man
said you to look tiered?.
yes we are. said leana.well well
said the man i have a very
niec hous. and you can come in it.
so thay went down rock st.
sudnly thay were trned.
here we are said the man.

stop! said rleana.but leana
wasent listening. sudunly
boom thay landad on a dap
floor. leana and rleana looked up
and there next to them two
boys sat. hello said one my
name is jim and this is my
borather dim.hello said
rleana& leana. look
said jim. evryone looked&
there was a siyn . &
it sais
danger tricker

sudenly a hole was
on the floor and leana

fell.she went in to the

air.sudenly boom
leana landed in
here bed at home.

the end

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